27 February 2011

Life intervened

I had every intention of blogging before now, but I've had a very knackering week at work. Combined with less sleep than usual this has led to a distinct lack of creative output.
You would think that, as an avid reader, boxes of new books would be an enjoyable sight for me -especially as I suggested some of them. However the problem with working with what you love is that sometimes it is just work.
New books rather lose their appeal when you know that every one of them needs processing, on top of what you're already supposed to be doing. Especially when certain high street book chains have incredibly unhelpful and hard to use invoices.

That said, all this has not dulled my desire to read one bit, after all it's not the fault of the books that this happened. In fact my desire for escapism meant I put down the non-fiction and picked up a fantasy novel loaned to me by a friend whose taste is fairly similar to my own.

I expect normal service (such as it exists after 4 months -one of which was blighted by technical problems) to resume in a matter of days.

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