9 July 2011

Why I Love... Coming Soon

Oops left it longer than intended to update here. Trying to post a couple of times a week.
My main excuse is that I've been reading a lot, so there will be a book update soon. I've also thinking about work stuff and the future (but not in a cool SF kinda way), it's all very dull and I shall speak of it no more. That's not want I have this blog for, so instead to happier things...

I'm planning on starting a new weekly series of posts entitled Why I Love [insert thing here], because it's nice to think about things you love and share them with others. And in these uncertain times it's good to say something positive.

I'm composing a couple of posts in my head already, and trying to stop them from becoming incoherent squeeing. It's probably best to explain why you like something, rather than just gushing about it.

Ideas so far:
Stuart History
The Fifth Element
Greek Mythology
Various Works of Diana Wynne Jones

Now I really should stop watching youtube videos and get on with housework.
I have a guest staying tonight and will be dog-sitting for my parents over the next few days.

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