17 August 2011

Hub Magazine

You might not know that I sometimes do reviews for Hub Magazine, probably because it's been a while and I haven't mentioned it here before.

Hub is a free online magazine that provides one piece of fiction, several reviews and some quality non-fiction with each issue. If you aren't already subscribed you should check it out.

My review of Declare by Tim Powers is in the current issue (No. 142). You can see my thoughts on his book The Anubis Gates on this very blog.

Previous reviews I've had in Hub:
Black Ships by Jo Graham - fantasy and mythology, these are 2 of my favourite things. Issue 66
Godspeaker: Empress by Karen Miller - fantasy story about a woman who rises from nothing in a harsh land. Issue 74
Franklyn - a strange, noirish film set partly in London and partly in an elaborate other world. Issue 82
Godspeaker: Riven Kingdom by Karen Miller - this sequel introduces new characters and sets up a clash of cultures. Issue 84
Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks - start of an action-packed fantasy trilogy. Issue 88

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