17 March 2014

Guardian Story

I'm proud and excited to say that I have a story in Guardians, a Fox Pocket anthology from Fox Spirit books.

My Guardian's Guardian is about a man returning to his old home, visiting his former guardian and comparing past glories with present decay.

Fox Pockets are small, pocket-sized books featuring short stories that can be read quickly, on a lunch break or a short commute. They're designed to show the range of tales, authors and talent that Fox Spirit work with. Guardians features an excellent range of fantasy, horror, science fiction and crime stories, each with its own take on the theme. The guardians come in many forms including angels, gargoyles, parents, police and dreams.

Guardians is the 3rd Fox Pocket anthology. The previous two are Piracy (which I also have a story in) and Shapeshifters.

Fox Spirit have loads of great books, and a range of really good blog posts too. You should totally visit their website.


  1. Hi Catherine, your story was among the ones I enjoyed most in Guardians. Good writing! Nice to share space in the Table of Contents with you.

    1. Hi Chris, always nice to hear from a book buddy, especially if they're being complimentary. Glad you liked my story. Arabesque had a creepy vibe, nice contrast to the conversational tone.

  2. Ha, thanks! Looking forward to your forthcoming story in Girl at the End of the World.