23 July 2015

Bad news and Blog Break


There's going to be a bit of a break again, but this time I thought to mention it in advance.

In my current job summer -especially the first few weeks of August- is very, very busy and so I'd planned to have less stuff going on during this time. Theoretically I could probably have covered a lack of blogging time with some buffer posts, but that hasn't happened.

The break will be starting earlier than I'd planned (after this very post in fact) because unfortunately in the last 16 days 2 of our rats have died. This is very sad for us, especially as we'd tried to do what we thought was best the 2nd time and it didn't work out. This means that we are left with 1 rat, which is bad because they are very social creatures and need other rats around them. So at present we're trying to find out where we can get a couple more new friends for her. We're also going to move the massive cage to a different part of the house so it's easier to interact with her.

After the 1st rat died we'd thought we would get more, but had been thinking we would do so in autumn, now the timetable has been brought forward. When introducing rats you need to go through a gradual process of introduction, which can take a few weeks. I expect that will coincide with the very busy period at work I mentioned previously, so I'm likely to be a bit out of it for a while.

I'm hoping I can start blogging as usual again in late September. I'm pretty certain I had some ideas for new, different posts, but right now I forget what those were. I'm pretty tired at the moment as I was out in the garden at 11pm last night holding a torch while my husband dug a rat grave. Sorry if I have made anyone sad, it's been an emotional day.

Armin (Hidey Rat)

Erin (Explorey Rat)

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