30 August 2016

Big News

Back in July I mentioned that a period of low energy had delayed most of the blogging I intended to do. July was followed, as ever, by August which is always a busy month at work and certainly doesn't help with feeling tired. Anyway there is a reason for this, which will also explain future delays as well.

I'm pregnant.

This is my first pregnancy and it's going comparatively well, even if there were a couple of months when I felt exhausted most of the time. I'm coming out of that now, at last. Though a lot of my spare time is going to be devoted to preparing for the baby, I do intend to keep blogging at least semi-regularly.*

I have no idea whether I will be able to do much after the baby comes, I hear they are rather disruptive, so I am not setting myself any blogging goals or targets. It's due early next year, so all plans for 2017 are very fluid. I'll do what I can when I can, can't expect more than that.

Anyway I'm currently both happy and daunted. Cautiously looking forward to when the baby is here, but slightly dreading the preparation needed and the mode of its arrival.

*This is a useful term because it can mean just about anything.


  1. I remember those days! My most productive time was late 2nd to early 3rd trimester with my second child, and after that I pretty much gave up on working properly for a while. Enjoy the experience! https://spookymrsgreen.com/2013/05/04/every-pregnancy-is-different/

    1. Thanks for this. Interesting stuff and from all the chats I've had with people I'm seeing that there's really nothing typical about this experience.