12 February 2012


I like sewing.

I'd mostly forgotten about it for years after I left school, but actually I'm not too bad at it. As with many things I suffer a bit from not being a naturally neat person, but that means I'm also pretty handy with an unpicker. 
I'm out of practice, but I reckon I could probably still make an entire garment - thought it might be a slightly wobbly one. That said, I can't actually machine sew at the moment as my sewing machine keeps ingesting the thread.

If you look towards the top right of the page you'll see a blue moose. I made him a few years ago for my husband's birthday (a kind friend did the scarf as I'm not a kintter). He's adapted from an ornament pattern I bought online (there are not many fabric patterns for moose, let me tell you) and was made using a combination of machine and hand sewing, with advice from my mother.

Recently I've been doing some hand sewing:

Undead Ducky

They are my interpretation of designs from Zombie Felties by Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate.

I got the book from work initially, then my lovely husband bought me my very own copy for Christmas.

I also made a Socktopus for a colleague's birthday.

It is inspired by Nick Sharratt's book Octopus Socktopus.

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