10 May 2016


I turned 30 recently, which was nice because I was determined to have a good time with it and not focus on my age or where I am in my life and all of that stuff. Plus I can't complain as my husband is 5 years older than me and he took it all in his stride a while ago.

I had a short break to Copenhagen for my actual birthday, I've never been to Scandinavia before but have long wanted to go. That was a very nice few days, did a lot of walking as I often do -reminding me that in normal life I need more exercise and should probably walk more. We visited a couple of castles, the little mermaid statue (which is small but larger than I thought after so many people told me how small it is), Tivoli gardens (which was smaller and more commercial than I'd expected), the National Museum and walked along the beach area. We also met Margr├ęt, which was lovely. She has also been published with Fox Spirit Books and has edited some anthologies with them, so we know a lot of people in common but hadn't met before. She told us a bit about Copenhagen and the surrounding area, showed us part of the museum and was the one to suggest where we could walk up the beach.

Me on my 30th, with giraffes invading through mirrors

I got a good haul of books and graphic novels for my birthday, so much to read, which is nice. I'll try and blog about what I've read a bit more, but I'm already behind on that, so will see how I go.

The day after coming back from Copenhagen I went out to lunch with my extended family, then back to my parents' house. In collusion with my husband my mum had ordered me a cake with little models of our pet rats on the top. It was really lovely and tasted great too. 

Last weekend I got together with a load of my friends for a birthday party. The parties I like tend to have a lot of people gathered around chatting about all sorts of (often-but-not-always geeky) stuff. I'd booked a room in a bar and got a buffet, and it was all really nice. A few people came from out of town and I saw some people I don't see often and it just felt really nice.

So, having organised most of this I've gotten a bit behind on other things. I've various blog posts half done but I'm hoping to get them all sorted soon and catch up with actually posting about books and film and TV and all that stuff. Plus I guess I should decide what's next in general.

Did I mention I have glasses now? I may not have done so on the blog. My vision's gotten worse in last few years (couldn't see words on the TV bad) and now I need them most of the time. I'm considering contact lenses.

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