17 November 2010

Cowboys & Aliens

My husband just made me watch the trailer for the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens film. He was right to do it.

The trailer looks good. Of course, that's the point of trailers and I've been burned by that before (damn you X3!), but sometimes the promise of a good film is enough.
I don't know what the story is, but there are spaceships and explosions and a magical tech-bracelet. The setting looks pretty good, I don't know that much about the Wild West so historical pedantry won't get in my way. It looked rough and dirty, which is how history should be.

I'm not a western fan, but I thought Firefly was brilliant. Obviously spaceships are what the wild west was missing.
In fact, thinking about it I don't really like war films or TV series, but I loved BSG and am currently being forced to watch enjoying anime series Gundam Seed which is primarily a war story. So clearly the addition of spaceships and lasers is an important factor.

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