23 November 2010

Tales of the City

I've always been a reader. As a teen I used to sit in bookshops just reading blurbs, deciding what to buy. Often I read a blurb a few times before I actually bought the book. Despite being a natural saver (or possibly just really cheap) I used to buy plenty of books. Working in a library really helps bring my spending down. It also means I've read plenty of books I might not have expected to read.

Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin
I read about this on Neil Gaiman's blog. Then a colleague told me about the TV series.
I thought that it was a good story full of interesting and memorable characters. I liked the way that the plot built up through a series of encounters between an expanding cast of characters. My knowledge of San Francisco in the 70s isn't brilliant. There were a lot of contemporary references, but the author's skill meant that I got the context and the tone, even if I didn't always know the specifics.
I expect I'll keep reading the series, but I'll have to wait for the pile of books on my coffee table to go down.

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