10 April 2013

Goodbye to the Library

Next week I won't work in a library any more. It's not completely hit me yet, but it feels a bit strange.

I've been working in public libraries for just over 7 years. Though I'd never intended to make a career in libraries, it has become part of my identity. Saying you work in a library comes with certain assumptions, many are stereotypes, but a love of books is probably the most accurate. It's a job you usually don't have to explain to people, even though they probably don't understand all that you do.

At the moment I only know bits and pieces about my new job, however I'm guessing it comes with less assumptions. I'm certain it will be a change for the better, for me and my working life. Even o I think it'll take a while before I stop thinking of myself as a library person.
Saying that I'll still be the wife of a library worker, so I guess I won't be entirely out of the loop.

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