19 January 2012


We finally alphabetised our book shelves properly.
As we're both library workers we probably should have done it a while ago.

This is the clearer picture, though you can't see all of it.

This is the biggest room in our house.

This is just our fiction, I'd say about 95% of it is Science Fiction and Fantasy.
My husband also has two full-sized bookcases of RPG books as well, they're off to the right of this picture.

If we're ever rich we'll probably have floor and ceiling shelves installed, possibly with ladders on wheels.
Though if we really were rich we could probably buy a bigger house that already had such a room.


  1. Am envious of your shelves! Most of our books are in storage until we move somewhere with enough space but have a growing collection which is bulging the mini shelf we bought? :-)

    1. When we first moved in together we took all our duplicate books (cos shockingly we had some that were the same) to Dave's Dad's house.
      When we moved into our current place we thought we had enough shelf space, until we discovered the last box of books almost a year after we'd moved.
      Though if we didn't work in libraries it'd probably be twice as bad.