27 June 2012

Real Life Update

Various things have been going on.

Race for Life happened. 5km walk around a race course, along a river bank, up a hill and through a bus station in my hometown. I've raised over £70 for Cancer Research so far, and people can still donate online.
Here is a picture of me and my Mum beforehand (she found more pink clothes than me):

This picture is actually the one with the normalest expression.
It was a good event, with over 5000 women entering (the highest race number I saw was 5011). There were all sorts of outfits and costumes, including a woman dressed as a banana, a family of giraffes and some fantastic hats. It was pleasant to walk around, seeing what had changed and what's still the same. I haven't been to my hometown properly in a few years, and it's become a University town since I moved away. It was also nice to do the walk with my Mum and chat a bit.

Work is... well things aren't easy at the moment. There have been changes that we're still getting used to. There are staffing issues we're having to cope with. There will be changes coming in autumn, which apparently will improve things, but I'll wait and see what happens.
I'm actually job hunting at the moment, because though I like the job itself I'm going nowhere at the moment. My employers can't offer me what I need anymore, so I'm being sensible and thinking about the future. Looking for a new job is difficult and confusing, especially as I'm still figuring out what I want to do.Then again I've found some promising vacancies that I'm interested in, so I'm hoping something comes from that.

I will reassure everyone that I am still reading as much as ever (because I'm sure you were so concerned about that), I've just been bad at posting about it. I'm thinking of doing shorter posts about specific books, then doing longer posts on various themes as they occur to me.
I'm planning on doing a blog series about a beloved SF TV show, mostly because a friend demanded that I do so back in April (there may have been wine, or gin). Given how long the show ran it is a project that could take some years, but I don't want it to dominate the blog, so I'll be keeping up with other content too.

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