17 March 2013

Good news everyone!

I've got a new job! It's all very exciting.*

This last week or so has been a bit of a whirlwind.
I saw the job advertised a couple of days before the closing date and filled in the application form in an afternoon. I got invited to interview on the closing date itself, which I was not expecting.
Obviously the interview went well, I did more prep than I have previously. If anything I probably over-prepared, but that's no bad thing. After the official questions were out of the way the people seemed really nice and it was fairly relaxed (for an interview) and I chatted with them a bit.
I found out I had the job 2 days later and was fairly buzzed for that entire afternoon.

I'm really pleased because I've been job hunting (on and off) for a year, and thinking about leaving for longer. I like working in libraries, but the situation kept changing for the worse and I've gotten restless. Plus my husband works for the same library service, and when there were cuts our situation felt precarious.

I'll start my new job in mid-April and there's plenty to get done before that, mostly sorting things out at my current job. I'm interested to see how my reading habits are affected (and I suspect that'll be the change that's most obvious on this blog). I'll probably get through my TBR pile quicker; without the daily distraction of library books I'll probably read more new stuff. I suspect my choice of reading could narrow a bit, but I'll try not to let that happen too much. Besides I can still use libraries even if I don't work in them.

I'll be working in a contact centre, so it'll mostly be taking phone calls, and dealing with emails and letters. Enquiry handling is something I do a fair bit of in the library, so although the environment will probably be very different I think the skills needed will be similar.

I've ticked off one of New Years Resolutions, and it's the one I had the least control over.

* For a given level of exciting. I'm not going to be having wild adventures or doing anything dangerous. Then again I'm a fairly low key person in many ways, so this definitely counts as exciting.

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