1 March 2013

LetterMo Review

So February is over and so is LetterMo, and I have to say it's been good fun.

I decided to do the letter writing challenge on the spur of the moment after I first discovered it, and didn't do much preparation (well obviously I bought envelopes and stamps, but not much else). I didn't quite reach the target of 24, but I sent 20 letters, so that's not bad.

I had an idea of various people I wanted to write to, but wasn't very organised and approached it a bit randomly. I didn't end up writing to many old friends, which was a shame. I think that the run-up to Christmas is a better time to collect addresses from people, but at the end of last year I just didn't feel like sending a lot of cards out. I hope to rectify that this year.

Most of people I wrote to are friends I've made in the last 2 years and communicate with mostly online. I've met so many cool people over the last couple of years, which is brilliant and there were many more people I could have written to, and I plan to do so later. I have a history of being a bit awkward around people and I can get a little paranoid about friendships, but that doesn't really happen with online friends.
Having said that I suspect some of the letters felt awkward as I wrote, because letters feel more formal than online communication. Also once you've written something down it's there and you can't easily change it. A few times I started a sentence and wasn't sure how to finish, but I think I covered it OK each time.

Towards the end of the month I've done some slightly different kinds of letters, including a few based on something Arthur Conan Doyle was said to have done. I'm happy to report that no one fled.
 It's very nice to send or receive something tangible, and it's clear that people have appreciated the letters, which is great. I've had a few replies, which have been really lovely. I like getting fun post.

I'll definitely do LetterMo next year, and hopefully keep up with my correspondence until then.

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