30 June 2013

Fox Pocket links

I've managed to round up a collection of links about publishers Fox Spirit, their Fox Pocket anthologies and Piracy, the first book in the line.

Neil Williamson talks about how wonderfully designed the Fox Pockets are, including some thoughts on covers.

Tony Lane interviews Adele, the fearless leader of Fox Spirit in a 2-part interview.
Part 1: Adele answers questions about the origins of Fox Spirit, the Fox Pockets line, art and the zompoc.
Part 2: Adele talks about the Fox Spirit editorial team, what stories she likes and desert island books.
Tony also reviews Piracy in a later blog post.

The lovely Alistair Stuart blogs about Fox Pockets over at SFX (I may have been a little excited that I was mentioned by name).

Adele is interviewed at the Bolthole where she talks about stories and gives advice for writers.

Jenny Barber talks about mermaids from her story Past Lives.

Here's the rather fun Fox Spirit gallery for Piracy. I'm dressed as a pirate (pirate being my go-to costume) and my husband painted the undead pirate miniatures.

Here's the list of stories and authors in Piracy:

Becalmed – Den Patrick
The Trouble With Daydreams – Catherine Hill
Black Ethel’s Beast – Kit Marlowe
No Quarter – Rahne Sinclair
Leave the Pistol Behind – Chloe Yates
Past Lives – Jenny Barber
Nora – Margrét Helgadóttir
Plunder – Francesca Terminiello
Insurgent – Christian D’Amico
Geronimo – T.F.Grant
Pieces of 2^3 – Rob Haines
The Real Deal – Ruth Booth
True to The Song – Asher Wismer
Silvermelt – Emma Teichmann
Skyway – K.C.Shaw
X Marks the Spot – S.J.Caunt

Piracy is currently available in print from Lulu and is available as an ebook from Wizard's Tower and on Kindle.

Finally, here's a post I wrote for the Fox Spirit site about How the Fox Pockets were Named.

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