20 April 2020


I hope that you are OK and keeping yourselves as safe as possible.

I've been thinking that as our generation now faces a massive, global disruption that will affect us all (and that is what is happening), at least it isn't a war. At least it isn't certain groups of humans trying to kill certain other groups of humans until the killing encompasses almost everyone. At least this emergency is about preventing loss of life and showing care for others. There's a lot of war-like language going around, and perhaps that helps some to frame/parse what s happening, but I do think that we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that this is all about health, not killings.

We are showing compassion for ourselves and others, and that needs to continue even when it feels hard. Our sacrifices vary, and of course many people are sacrificing a lot for others, but this isn't easy for anyone. We need to pull together whilst (ironically) keeping a certain physical distance apart. We want to save lives, and now we all have the ability to do that, even in small ways. I take hope from the fact that we've so swiftly and massively changed our behaviour and inconvenienced ourselves out of care for others. Let's hope some of this solidarity and consideration continues after the current crisis.

Anyway, it's just a thought but I'm hoping it brings a bit of hope or comfort to others.