The Labours of Stropheus
Stropheus travels to an oracle to discover his heroic purpose, and she gives him impossible tasks to prepare for an unbelievable fate.

Published in Tales of the Mouse and Minotaur (vol 3 of Bushy Tales) from Fox Spirit Books, March 2017

The End of the Garden
The books went first, and then the birds; everything in the Garden is disappearing and folk look to Jenny to save them.

Published in Girl at the End of the World vol. 1 from Fox Spirit Books, July 2014

My Guardian's Guardian
Richard returns to the home of his guardian under difficult circumstances.

"My Guardian's Guardian by Catherine Hill is just stunningly well done. ... I'd buy this book for this story alone and would suggest you do too."

Published in Guardians, the 3rd Fox Pocket Anthology from Fox Spirit Books, February 2014.
All the Fox Pocket books are available as ebooks and in paperback from lulu.

The Trouble with Daydreams
Moiron regrets running away to sea.

Published in Piracy, the 1st Fox Pocket Anthology from Fox Spirit Books, June 2013.
Piracy is available as an ebook and in paperback from lulu for a limited time.

Gloom Lord's Captive
Marsha is captured by a costumed villain who believes her fiance is a superhero.

Published by The WiFiles, February 2012

Lupa di Roma 
werewolves and gods, birth, death and prophecy ... an epic battle pitting god against mortal
Inanna Gabriel, co-Editior-in-Chief of Title Goes Here Magazine

Published by Title Goes Here Magazine (Online Edition 1.10), October 2011
Sadly Title Goes Here has now closed.

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