9 January 2015

Agents of SHIELD rewatch

I like many things about US TV, but I do not understand this mid-season break malarkey. It largely seems to be a way of making the details of the story go vague in your memory while giving you time to make other plans during the broadcast timeslot (not so bad nowadays, but surely it doesn't encourage the ratings that networks seem so keen on).

Agents of Shield series 2 went on its mid-season break just after Christmas and I spent most of New Years Eve watching phase 2 Marvel films, so it feels appropriate to do a rewatch of the somewhat-troubled first series now. Plus it will make a nice interval between my posts of series 3 and series 4 of TNG (I am trying to be a bit more organised with those).

My general thoughts on the first series, just after watching it, can be found here. I enjoyed AoS series 1 -but in my house we were predisposed to do so- where others were frustrated. I liked some of the characters enough to stick through the weak, formulaic early episodes.

I suspect that in the wake of the excellent last third of series 1 and the good start of series 2, the beginning of series 1 is going to suffer by comparison. Still I enjoyed it enough the first time so I'm sure I'll manage somehow.

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