13 May 2011

Let's call this Plan B

Blogger was having issues, so this will be the second time I've written this post in as many days. I hope you will charitably assume that the original one was full of insight and sparkling wit that I could easily have forgotten overnight.

It has occurred to me that, from the evidence provided in this blog, it looks as though I don't do that much reading. This would be an erroneous though understandable assumption. I actually read all the time.
I spend most of my lunch breaks reading, I usually read for a while before going to sleep, and if I could read on the bus without feeling ill I definitely would.
I think the problem is that I try to review books separately, giving each it's own post. Doing it that way means that I've usually moved on to the next book while trying to write a review, so whatever I'm writing about isn't at the forefront of mind.

I'm going to start writing short but regular book posts. These will have a list of what I am/have been reading and need only contain a couple of sentences on each book. Then if I do feel very expansive about a particular book I can do an individual post as well.

I'm planning to post the first by tomorrow at the latest.

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