12 July 2014

New Job

At the end of this month I'll be leaving my current job to work in support/admin role a local university. It is exciting and also a bit nerve-wracking.

I've been working in the contact centre for a year and three months now. There's a great team of people there and they're supportive. I've learned a lot and done well while I've been there. Also I've proven to myself that not only can I get a new job, but I can thrive in different environment and rise to meet challenges. It's been a good time for my confidence and has helped me develop a thicker skin. I wasn't actively job hunting this time, I applied because I saw the job advertised and it caught my interest.

I'm quite looking forward to working at the university. It's where I studied so I know the area, the campus is a nice environment. From a practical point of view it's closer to where I live, which will cut down my commute dramatically. Also I think the work will be something I'll enjoy more than my current role, it'll involve more responsibility. Plus the university, by the nature of the kind of institution it is, has a lot of good facilities. The facilities include a large library, which I'm sure will encourage me to read more non-fiction.

It took a bit of decision-making to make the change. I had solid prospects with my current employer and felt comfortable there. However I'm pretty certain I've made the right decision. It's good to have a new challenge.

As a weird coincidence the job offer came just a few days after I'd completed the novel first draft, which has a main character who works in a support role at an education/research institution. So now I'm thinking maybe the next novel should be about someone who unexpectedly comes into a fortune. :)

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