2 January 2019

New Year

Happy New Year folks! 

I kinda disappeared from here again, I do that. As ever I intend to do that less this year, will see if I manage it.


1. Get out more, both with and without the toddler - it can be tempting to stay at home, especially when weather isn't to my liking, plus toddler is at awkward age for kids activities, but I should be doing more. Also going out without him means I can be a person instead of a mother, which can be a nice break. 

2. See friends more - I've been feeling socially isolated recently. This happens periodically and puts me in a low mood that makes it hard to change things. Having a toddler can make it harder as I can't accept as many invitations as I'd like to. Just means I need to try harder.

3. Reduce my carbon footprint - The news about climate change has caused me to wibble recently. It's scary stuff, we are the last generation that can prevent future catastrophe. But there is hope, there's a decade to change things and we already have the ability to do so.

I've found the Global Weirding video series from climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe helpful. The one below is a good starting point.

Since this is kind of a big resolution I've broken it down into 3 main areas:
3a. Home improvements and food waste - we've already done stuff to reduce drafts, and have more work planned to increase energy efficiency. Along with reducing wasted food (as much as you can with a toddler) that'll save money. 
3b. Garden - I'll start composting again and my husband wants to grow food. These are both things we did a bit in our old house. We have a greenhouse in the new garden, so can start there and add some vegetable beds. 
3c. I need to look at some of the stuff I buy and see where I can find better alternatives. I'll admit this is currently a little vague, and I'm mostly researching stuff just now. I have friends who know about this kind of thing, and there's so much info online, I just need to figure out what will work for me.

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