1 January 2013


2012 started out positively and has seen some good times with good people. However I feel as though I've stalled a bit, especially towards the end of the year when things got on top of me a bit. I plan for 2013 to be better, and hopefully I can learn from some of the challenges of this year.

  • Have more fun
I really need to be better at this. I think the main problem is that I'm a bit hard on myself. I don't spend time trying to do nice things for myself and I can also be a bit rubbish at socialising and getting in touch with friends. This resolution is about  taking/making more opportunities for fun.

  • Be more creative
Related to the previous point, being creative is fun. Especially when there isn't pressure associated with it. At the start of 2012 I planned to do more sewing, but I've hardly done any recently. I should do sewing and things like that more.

  • Blog about TV more
I actually watch a fair bit of TV, it's a medium I enjoy and -sad though it may seem- I think it had quite a strong effect on me growing up. I watch about as much as I read, and I could talk about that more than I do.

  • Get a new job
I wanted to do this in 2012, but despite a confident start I haven't been as proactive as I could have been. I've sought some help with job hunting and plan to be more focused next year.

  • Get better at punctuation, sentence structure and grammar.
These are things that don't come naturally to me. I tend to write in run on sentences and I'm a bit wary of semi-colons. I read a lot and I consider myself well educated; I got high marks in English, but there seemed to be a point when they stopped teaching certain technical things. I was able to do well without really understanding them properly.
I'm not quite sure where to start with this. If anyone has any suggestions of helpful resources I'd appreciate it.

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