21 December 2014


Oops, dropped the ball on blogging a bit. I'm sure you can understand that December can be a distracting month. Plus they've offered overtime at my work to try and catch up with this year's record breaking amount of applications, so I've been doing some of that as December can also be expensive.

I feel as though I'm in a good place in general, with work, with family and with writing at the moment. As ever there is stuff I could improve, mostly seeing friends more.

With January coming I am resolved to get out and see people more and do better with the blogging by building up my posts again (I was doing so well earlier this year). But more on resolutions closer to New Years.

Good wishes to you, whether or not this is a time when you are celebrating.

This is me at a recent work Christmas party, wearing a ridiculous Christmas hat of my own design.

That hat won me a prize for Most Festive Outfit (there was a separate category for festive jumpers, of which there were many). I'm standing like that because the hat did not entirely fit in the picture otherwise. The expression is just how I tend to look in photos. I'm sure I look more normal the rest of the time, but for obvious reasons there's no photographic evidence of that.

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